Exciting Facts about HTC Desire and Desire HD

Posted: December 17, 2010 in compare mobile phones, HTC mobile phones
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HTC Desire

HTC Desire

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

Before you buy HTC Desire or desire HD, here are some facts that can add to the information you possess about these devices. HTC desire was earlier codenamed as Bravo and Desire HD had its codename as HTC Ace. If you are planning to sign an HTC Desire Deals, you will be excited to know that it was one of the first devices to feature AMOLED display.

However, the shortage of AMOLED display enforced the manufacturer to introduce Super LCD screen as a replacement to AMOLED screen in Desire. Surprisingly, the new screen corrected the issue of ineffective resolution that the earlier display had in the phone. Those striking HTC Desire deals welcomed it as a great improvement. HTC desire was honored with ‘Phone of the Year’ award in October 2010 at the T3 awards ceremony.

Those planning to sign HTC Desire HD contract should know that this version differs from the original Desire in many ways. Desire HD features a camera with higher resolution (8 MP) than that found in Desire (5 MP). The screen size of Desire HD (4.3 inch) is more than that of Desire (3.7 inch). Moreover, HTC Desire HD offers better talk time and standby time.

Desire HD became the first phone HTC Mobile Phones to use 1GHz MSM8255 Scorpion processorthat adds to its performance significantly. Moreover, the device offers a better and customized HTC Sense experience. HTCSense.com was introduced with this device. All these things have had a positive effect on the number of HTC Desire HD Deals.

It is exciting to know that the network providers in the UK, including Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Virgin have been struggling to keep these two Desire siblings in stock. Such is the demand and popularity these two devices have gained.


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