Samsung Galaxy S – Riding High on Super AMOLED Technology

Posted: December 18, 2010 in compare mobile phones, Samsung Mobile Phones
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Samsung Galaxy S Deals

Samsung Galaxy S Deals

Ask a retailer offering Samsung Galaxy S Deals and he will definitely mention Super AMOLED screen as one of the success factors of the smart phone. This new breed of screen has overpowered many existing screen types due to a number of reasons. This is enough for Samsung to include the screen into many other upcoming Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung is the first company to use Super AMOLED technology to grant a highly improved touch screen experience. Among the Samsung Mobile Phones with Super AMOLED screen, Samsung Wave was the first one to introduce this technology to the world. The technology has become one of the main reasons for people in the UK and other countries to sign.

What is so impressive about Super AMOLED screen? Earlier, the LCD and AMOLED touch screens suffered from the issue of reflective glare that made it difficult to view the screen without cupping hands around it. Super AMOLED touch screen differs from other screens, as it has touch screen integrated to the main screen. In other types of displays, the touch display is overlaid on the main screen.

The integration of two screens results in 20% brighter Super AMOLED screens. In addition, the Super AMOLED screen has 30% better color reproduction than the LCD screens. The screen in Samsung Galaxy S also reduces sunlight reflection by 80% that further add to the clarity.

Another advantage of Super AMOLED found in Samsung mobile phones is that it consumes 20% less battery power than the conventional screens. Finally, this type of screen has 180 degree viewing angle as an additional advantage. All these things make Super AMOLED one of the highlights of Samsung Galaxy S.


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