Exciting Aspects of the All New Samsung Tocco Lite Deals

Posted: March 23, 2011 in compare mobile phones, latest mobile phones, Samsung Mobile Phones
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If you look at the Samsung Tocco Lite , you will find similarity with some other mobile phones from the Samsung house. But, when you read the technical specifications and other aspects, you would feel that this phone offers much more than it showcases. Some positive factors of this mobile phone are listed below

The Weight Advantagesamsung
For a mobile which is almost 12 mm in thickness, you would expect weight in the range of 120 grams to 130 grams, but tocco lite surprises you. The phone comes with a 93.5 gram tag which makes it handy, compact and easy to grip.

The Smile Detection Camera
3.15 mega pixels isn’t much to talk about, but with the smile detection feature, this aspect works well for this phone.

The Pink Color Advantage
Mobile phones which come in the color pink, even if they have a decent set of features can improve sales to a major aspect. As a matter of fact, the female audience prefers pink more than the standard color combinations.

Organizer and Document Viewer
The organizer facility isn’t used by everyone, but it works well for corporate people. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even PDF viewer offered with Samsung Tocco Lite Deals make it friendlier for the corporate folks.

The Battery Advantage
Like other Samsung mobile phones, the battery life is decent. Actually the charger pin for this phone is similar to many other models, so you can swap other phones’ charges, just in case the need arises.

The Value for Money Factor
VFM is a general criteria based on many aspects like features, add-ons etc. The overall ‘value for money’ factor goes in the favor of Samsung tocco lite deals.

Lastly, we have to agree that the handset has many shares of cons as well, but it does well for its price tag.

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