Samsung Omnia 7 Deals: What could be Improved?

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Blackberry Phones, latest mobile phones, Samsung Mobile Phones
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Samsung omnia 7 with 3 G, a 4 inch AMOLED screen, 1 GHz processor and a nice LED flash aided 5 Mega pixel camera is a decent bargain. Like the candies, Samsung Omnia 7 Deals has its share of tarts as well. If these aspects are taken care of in future omnia versions or other models of Samsung, then there is no stopping for the mobile based technology manufacturer to clear competition.

Anything above 10 mm is considered thick in the mobile phone world. At 11 mm, omnia 7 could have lost at least 1 to 1.5 mm which would have made it look sleeker. As dimensions (including thickness) are directly connected to weight aspects, the 138.2 gram tag is a bit stretched.Samsung

With the facilities and the related mechanism, it could have made away with the extra 18.2 grams to look handier at 120 grams. The design is nice, but some more curves could have made it look better; there are many phones with the same straight candy bar finish with small curves at the edges.

There are many users for whom; a mobile phone is a substitute for a laptop while they are on the move. So, apart from the Face-book integration advantage, it could have worked more on other social integration aspects. Too much dependency on the Zune program isn’t a good point for the phone.

Samsung omnia 7 deals with some nice interactive games could have made a better bargain. Lastly, the Samsung omnia contracts have issues with Bluetooth at times, which was definitely avoidable.

Like some other Samsung Mobile Phones , Omnia 7 should have been available in multi colors; no doubt the black color looks good on the model, but variety (at least 2 colors) could have been a welcome change.

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