Talking about the screen display of a mobile phone; if 3.5 inches is luxury, then what would you call 4 inches? The screen presence will definitely remind you of the Apple I phone cinematic experience. The wide 4 inch Super LCD screen is nice to the eyes, and it makes for a nice and vibrant viewing piece.

800 x 480 pixels based screen display is on the similar lines of the AMOLED screen functionality, as it is bright and effective. The clear Super LCD screen coupled with Adreno 205 graphics make for a sensational viewing experience. The capacity of Adreno 205 graphics is justified when you watch a movie on the 4 inch screen. Keep the phone screen horizontal or keep it conventionally vertical, this phone provides the same experience which you actually expect from a tablet PC. Screen utility is at its best when you scroll through the photo gallery. HTC Sense v3.0 UI is an ace, and expectations have risen now.

Coupled with great audio outputs, the overall viewing experience offered by HTC Incredible S Deals is nothing but the USP of this phone. Alternatively, you can even plug in a headset to enjoy the virtual one surround-sound facility via SRS WOW HD. The screen also boosts of touch-sensitive controls along with rotating icons. Like other HTC phones, HTC Incredible S also offers multi-touch input method.

With that kind of mobile phone screen size, a user will actually be lured to click pictures and see the results. The phone camera has moved segments and landed the HTC Incredible contract on to the 8 mega pixel platform. Whatever you record or click makes for sheer luxury when the screen supports viewing, like in this case.

All in all, with so much to offer, the HTC Incredible S’ screen actually tempts you.

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