Do HTC Desire Deals have in it to Compete with Big Players like Apple I Phone?

Posted: June 20, 2011 in compare mobile phones, HTC mobile phones
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htc desire dealsThe period of global recession was a major milestone for the ‘up to the minute’ HTC mobile phone brand. Prior to 2008, the brand was known, but the sales saw a major boom after the recession. Suddenly HTC competed with Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry in terms of sales and more importantly – the close competition of mobile phone deals.

Now, talking about the Apple I phone series, it has raised the bar so high, that the device is considered to have a separate league of its own. But, there are 2 things which go against the Apple I phone series, but work for all other brands. These include the price factor and dominance of the touch screen technology for all its models (in fact, the touch screen technology has been extended to the I Pad series as well).

With an above average price tag, the units of sales are severely affected while there is a section of the society which is still finicky about buying touch screen phones. Blackberry also gets affected in terms of the price factor, but still it beats I phone in sales.

Big players amongst HTC mobile phones include HTC Desire, HD2, EVO 4G etc.  Talking about the immensely popular mobile phone from the house of HTC, Desire gives a tough fight to the Apple I phone in some ways and has laid a solid foundation for future models to compete with big boys of the mobile world.

One thing where HTC Desire deals beat I phone is the overall sound quality while talking (audio quality while the phone is running applications or multimedia is far better than any other phone though). Like many other phones, there are some distorted noises which get elevated to and fro during the call time frame.

RAM capacity which comes with HTC desire deals is slightly superior in numbers (576 MB RAM of Desire versus 512 MB RAM of the latest I phone offering and BlackBerry Torch). This makes for a better phone operation experience.  The screen size is larger at 3.7 inches against 3.5 inches of interactive display of Apple I phone 4 and an even smaller screen of BlackBerry Torch.

The brand value of HTC mobile phones cannot compete with BlackBerry and Apple phones. But, with the price factor on its side (lower the price, better equipped are people to buy a mobile phone handset), HTC Desire gives a fierce competition to Apple I phone 4 and Blackberry Torch in terms of prospective sales.

Lastly, one thing which HTC should learn from Apple I phone and BlackBerry smart phones is to make a phone, more interactive, more addictive to the user. In fact, a mobile phone today is more than a mobile phone; it is used for auxiliary services more than the principal functionality – calls and SMS.

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