The xperia series from Sony is often compared to Apple’s I phone series. One of the best in this series, xperia x10 has some features which not many phones can combine in a single entity. So what makes xperia x10 special? Let’s discuss some key aspects as below

Awesome Screen Size
Like many mobile phone critics have always maintained, anything about 4 inches is heaven for mobile lovers. With a big and awesome 4 inch display, it is hard to ignore the phone. The touch screen accommodates 854 x 480 pixels with its ‘out of this world’ picture clarity. Even when only the screen size, clarity and related aspects are compared, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Deals  proves to be the toughest competitor amongst all smart phones. The screen of this phone is like an icing on the cake.

Overall Looks
There is a reason why xperia x10 is often compared with the I phone; both are epitome of the concept – a beautiful phone.

Better Expandable Memory
Forget 16 GB, welcome to the world of 32 GB storage with the all new Sony xperia x10 smart phone. The large memory module comes as a pleasant surprise. The phone has 1 GB in terms of internal memory.

Sound Quality (3.5 mm Audio Jack)
The company which made some of the best selling multi-media phones has produced many a gem in terms of sound quality. Music editions from the house of Sony once ruled the roast. Such was the craze that even second hand Sony mobiles yielded a decent bargain. Sony sound system in xperia x10 gets almost 10 out of 10 points in sound quality.

Best Camera Quality
It is often said that in terms of camera quality, even Apple comes second behind Sony. This outstanding facet is displayed by most  Sony Ericssion Mobile Phones . Xperia x10 comes with 8 mega pixels of sheer pleasure, coupled with auto focus and LED flash. Once you buy this phone, you will have to either keep your digital camera away or gift it to someone. This phone can recognize up to 5 faces in a photo as well.

Excellent Virtual Keyboard
The virtual keyboard is user friendly with the dictionary function being a key highlight.

User Interface Platform
A Sony Ericsson xperia x10 contract provides a great user interface. You can customize the user interface in 2 ways. The timescape and mediascape features cover every aspect from business to entertainment.

There is something about Sony xperia x10 deals which make it popular with people who opt for it. With many such positive aspects, the xperia x10 deal offers something to everyone.

Lastly, we can conclude that Sony xperia x10 comes across as a complete package.

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