Endless Possibilities of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Mobile Phones

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Blackberry Phones, compare mobile phones, HTC mobile phones, latest mobile phones, Samsung Mobile Phones
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The term Wi-Fi is a popular term in the Mobile Phones based glossary, but many are not aware of the exact aspects of the technology. When a mobile phone or a laptop has been embedded with Wi-Fi technology, then it can access internet via the wireless router placed nearby. A Wi-Fi enabled device bypasses the service provider, so the service provider does not charge the user for data transfer. Commonly known as the free internet service system, Wi-Fi has many fascinating aspects. Some of them are discussed below:

Wi-Fi as an Aspect of High End Mobile Phones
Like better processor capacity (1 Ghz is the new industry standard), high end camera capacity (at least 5 mega pixel), even Wi-Fi technology is something which you will get mostly in top end model mobile phones.

The Wi-Fi enabled area is getting broader, so Wi-Fi presents a cost effective and resourceful mode of accessing internet, video calling and other prospects. One more advantage of Wi-Fi is its ease in terms of usage. Hence, most mobile directories, technology critics and even the end user feel that the Wi-Fi capability is one of the major facets which make a phone, a high end model.

Why Do WIFi Mobile Phones Seem a Luxury and not Yet a Necessity?
Blackberry smart phones, Apple next generation I phones, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and most other popular mobile phone manufacturers have launched many Wi-Fi enabled phone handsets, but they haven’t been able to capitalize on the huge scope which this technology has to offer.

More and more areas are supporting Wi-Fi, but when other services are satisfying the needs of people, Wi-Fi remains an option, not the answer. Once a considerable portion of this world gets Wi-Fi enabled, then Wi-Fi has the capacity to end the reign of 3 G and all other modes of connections.

Wi-Fi Only Devices
It is true that there are some devices which are ‘Wi-Fi only’ devices. One great example is the BlackBerry PlayBook Deals , which is first of the series of Tablet PCs from the house of BlackBerry. BlackBerry Corp. has taken such a big step as most important and accessible places for a user who is ‘one the move’ actually have Wi-Fi capabilities. This can be said at least for North America and Western Europe where technology is moving double paced as compared to the other parts of the world. Wi-Fi enabled places include airports, coffee shops, hotels and other public places. But once the tablet PC market is successful, the concept of Wi-Fi only mobile phones (the next version Wi-Fi mobile Phones) will start.

The Wi-Fi technology is taking baby steps now, so even the Latest Mobile Phones need more exposure in terms of technology and usage, to move further.

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