The name Blackberry in the world of Mobile Phones is taken with respect, not only for the fact that it made some masterpieces but because Research in Motion (RIM – the firm that makes Blackberry phones) has continually made efforts in making the mobile phone experience, an experience indeed.Blackberry Bold 9780 Deals

If the Blackberry Pearl series was the foundation, then the Blackberry Curve series flew the Blackberry flame high (the Curve series was instrumental in making Blackberry a much sought after phone series) while the Blackberry Bold series took the business class further. The Blackberry Bold series started with the decent 9000 models (dubbed as Bold 1), then leapt into a comfort zone with BlackBerry Bold 9900 Deals and 9780 models, Bold 2 and Bold 3 respectively.

Bold 2 and 3 (9700 and 9780 versions) almost look similar physically but for a change of color in the top surface (9700’s steel versus 9780’s black top plate). Blackberry 9000 was huge and not very handy, while 9700 and 9780 versions are compact and easy to play around.

Apart from some advanced features, Blackberry Bold 9780 Deals have many features common with the 9700 deals. But there are certain key differences which have tilted the price factor in favor of the 9700 contracts and deals. The aspects which differentiate the BlackBerry Bold 99002 phones are mentioned as follows:

Camera Capacity: Blackberry 9780 has an enhanced 5 mega pixel over Blackberry 9700’s 3.15 megapixels.

Operating System: Blackberry Bold 3 is supported by 6.0 Blackberry OS while the Bold 2 version has the 5.0 OS.

RAM: Blackberry Bold 9780 deals come with 512 MB RAM while 9700 contracts come with a 256 MB RAM capacity.

On the whole, like all Blackberry Mobile Phones , the Bold series makes a name for itself, even when other advanced versions are being talked about.

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