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Posted: November 16, 2011 in Blackberry Phones, HTC mobile phones, mobile phone gifts
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Latest Mobile Phones have evolved a lot over the years. From the bulky equipment with limited capabilities, they have now become light weight & sleek, and come with loads of advance functionalities that are at par with a standard home PC. These days, your smart phone enables you to use advance features like emails, internet browsing, contactless money transfer, high quality image capture & video recording, excellent music functionalities and superior contact management system.Screen size and resolution power is an important factor for the users these days. Therefore, scratch resistant touch sensitive screens of larger size have become the trademark of most smart phone models that are available in the markets. Moreover, tech savvy users prefer to have a gadget with high processing speed so that they can multi-task on them with equal ease without facing any glitches of slow execution speed. Operating system (OS) also plays important part in the popularity of a handset. An OS makes the usage of a handset intuitive even for first time users and hence helps in enhancing its usability and popularity.

Latest Mobile PhonesApplications matter a lot
Apps are the heart of a smart phone. Most of us will buy a latest Mobile Phones only because it is loaded with the apps that we love to use. Voice commands, new games, PDA functionality, news and sports updates, money transfer, email access, FM radio, weather updates, document organizer etc. are some of the apps that increase the usability and market worth of a mobile phone. The reason for the popularity of Windows Mobile Phones, PDA phones, 3G phones, MP3 phones, camera phones and GPRS Mobile Phones lies in the fact all these gadgets come with user friendly apps and attractive phone deals. Huge memory storage capacity and great looks have made these mobiles more useful for tech savvy users. Price war between the top manufacturers has led to the launch of new contract phone deals and pay as you go (PayG) phone deals which are a real treat for the mobile freaks.


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